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Have you ever considered what would be truly possible for you if you had someone in your corner who always believed in you, was infinitely patient yet had the courage to push when needed, and who helped you tap into your special skills and talents? A partnership that was completely confidential...a safe space to try out new ideas, discuss possible changes, run through scenarios and design situations?

All you need to get value from coaching is:

    A strong desire to achieve something.

     A readiness to step out of your comfort zone (with a coach to hold your hand)

    A willingness to learn new ways of going about it.

    An openness to include someone else in the process

    And most important ... A sense of humor!

You don't need to know exactly what your goals are, or to have 'everything in order' in your life. That will be part of the coaching process. Come as you are … that's the best place to start!

Contact me to see how coaching can support your future! Ask questions, set up a time to talk, get more information, comment on the website (please do!), share a great joke (or a bad one!), whatever! I want to hear from you.

Contact Bobette at:
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