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Read what a few of my clients have to say about our relationship and the effect it ultimately had on their business and quality of life:

WesAnnBobette Reeder has been my executive coach since 2000. Not just executive coach but my life coach as well. I continue to work with her because I continue to get great value from her. She does indeed “love” her clients. You feel it when you work with her. She is there for you 150%. Bobette has helped me in so many aspects of my personal and professional life over the years – helping me to stretch, to believe in myself and my aspirations, to be positive about who I am and what I’d like to achieve and to help me implement what I want to achieve. And I have achieved a lot since working with her! She is a “realistic” cheerleader, meaning she not only gives you the reality checks you need to see yourself and your situation accurately, or at least with balance, but also provides you with the warmth and support you need to venture forth with confidence into the greater world. I really do not believe I would have reached the level of achievement I have without her sustained support over the years and complete belief in my aspirations.
— Ann L. Clancy, Ph.D., co-developer and co-author of Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change; Principal at Appreciative Coaching Collaborative, LLC; and president of Clancy Consultants, Inc.

WesBefore receiving coaching, I was relatively successful in education and business, but I felt that I was lacking in other aspects of my life, and that I needed some balance and improvements. That is when I started working with Bobette as my coach. She helped me prioritize goals, put balance in my life and allowed me to feel good about rewarding myself. Working with Bobette is like talking to your best friend, but without any ulterior motives. She does not influence my decisions, but instead helps me make the choices that are right for me. Since our coaching sessions began two years ago, I have increased my business profit, increased my personal income by 20%, greatly improved my personal fitness level and physique, reduced my stress level, and achieved numerous other personal goals. But best of all, I learned to feel good about rewarding myself for my accomplishments. I now own the Mercedes that I wanted, upgraded my living environment, and have vacationed to several domestic and international locations.
— Dion B.; Business owner; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WesAs a new coach I asked Bobette to support me as a coach/mentor. That was over two years ago and it has been a terrific decision. There are those people who are so talented that they make their work look effortless. Bobette is one of those people. Our calls flow easily and the hour is over before I know it. Along the way she seems to ask just the right question that causes me to stop, reflect, and see things in a new way. At other times she freely shares her knowledge and resources to help me develop. In the end there are action steps which have propelled me along in my career. I may have sought out Bobette to fulfill the ICF mentoring requirement but I continue because she helps me achieve my aspirations. It has been a great partnership.
— Wes Pruett, ACC; Wes Pruett, HR Advisors

LisaBobette is truly a lifesaver (and I don't say that lightly). Her strategies help me identify my true self, helped me to put myself first, decide what was most important to pay attention to and what could "hold," and she gave me valuable coping strategies to put it all together – she was right on the money. Bobette gave me my excuse for putting myself first and it's just what I needed to jump-start my forward movement toward enjoying life once again. I don't know where I would be today without her coaching. I always looked forward to our weekly sessions. Bobette made the work fun, she is always upbeat (uh, an understatement!), and always encouraging. She never let me down and was always available in a crisis, whether business or personal. I thank her for that and for taking me on as a client. I sometimes think I owe my sanity to Bobette. I hope all who read this will open up and let her into their lives. They would not be sorry!! From my perspective, Bobette is the best coach in the whole world.
— Lisa B.; President, Marine Documentation Company 

EllenBobette Reeder combined information, knowledge and wisdom as she coached me in my start-up business. She guided me through challenges with staff, marketing, and time management. Even more valuable was her coaching me on life/work balance, resulting in a significant personal relationship even while working 24/7 in my new firm. She is organized in her approach, and rapid in her responses to questions or challenges. I always had the sense of progress and moving forward towards my goals. I enjoyed the tools she used to help me clarify my situation. Bobette has the knack of saying just the right thing at just the right time. When I had a huge business setback, she put the issue in perspective - "a small error with a big consequence," is what she said, and that single sentence lifted me right back up onto my feet. And when the stock market crashed and my mom died (both at the same time), she gently pointed out that her friend with cancer would trade places with me in a heartbeat. I put a post-it on my screen saying "You don't have a terminal illness" and that helped too. Working with Bobette is a life changing, life enhancing experience. I am a raving fan!
— Ellen R. Siegel CFP®, ChFC, CLU; President, Ellen R. Siegel & Associates

JoeAfter our first coaching session my "homework" was one word: PLAY. Bobette knew that as simple as that was I would likely struggle. As we opened our next session she walked me right into a mindset that helped me "play" more consistently in my life. Since that time, my work has become more meaningful...as a matter of fact, now my work has become "play" too!!
— Joe Dwyer; Author/ Motivational Speaker/Coach

CathieBobette has been instrumental in my life changing so much! Before I startedworking with Bobette I was stuck where I didn’t want to be, but was having trouble moving on. Bobette encouraged me to be courageous, value myself and my priorities and move forward with my life – if only I had been working with Bobette a year earlier! Bobette is extremely kind, caring and patient, and yet always makes sure that I am moving forward. She supports and empowers me when I am unsure of myself or don’t know what to do. She makes sure I keep all parts of my life in focus and don’t become unbalanced. Bobette has made a huge difference for me both in my personal life and with starting my business. I am doing things now I would never have done if it weren’t for Bobette and am so grateful to have her as my coach.
— Cathie Edwards; Life Coach; New Zealand

CathieBobette is an exceptional coach with a remarkable ability to instantly connect with her clients. I remember leaving our first session with a sense of astonishment as to how quickly a genuine, positive connection was formed. This natural ability of hers allowed us to quickly direct our attention to my goals. Bobette's sensitivity and confidence, both personally and professionally, supports her in effectively asking the big, tough questions. She then provides ample, loving space for the client to unearth their true feelings and thoughts. Bobette goes beyond empathically listening and consistently offers powerful and useful observations, feedback and suggestions. My partnership with Bobette is a powerful force in my life. To know that I am in a partnership with someone that I can share EVERYTHING with and is "truly and completely" on my side is extremely empowering. Furthermore, Bobette's broad and extensive background, education and experience in coaching make her an extremely effective and powerful coach. You and your life will never be the same once you start working with Bobette. She is an incredible human being and a gifted coach!!!
— Michele O’Shea